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Why Choose LG?

LG is a multinational electronics company that has been providing reliable home appliances and electronics since 1958. It manufactures everything from refrigerators to washers and dryers to air conditioners and TVs. LG is a pioneer in technology, and its No. 1 goal is to become a faster and smarter global brand of the future. The company focuses on being the best in the industry through innovation, continuous growth, and fair management practices. LG’s vision is to become the leading company in the industry with broad market recognition.

LG takes pride in its innovation and manufacturing process that involves “Jeong-do Management,” which places emphasis on doing business in an ethical, transparent, and honest manner. LG strives to make the work culture and environment of its manufacturing facilities a top priority. The company offers in-depth career planning and training and works to help every employee achieve their career goals. “Life’s Good” is LG’s tagline, and the company takes that phrase to heart, offering challenges, opportunities for advancement, and exceptional rewards and recognition. This culture reflects in the quality of their products.

Here we will take a look at the history of the company and its milestones plus warranty information and how to get replacement parts. We will offer resources for you to learn more about LG products and explore what they have to offer, all while seeing what actual consumers have to say. We will also provide you with ways to contact the company.


Let’s take a look at the company’s history and notable milestones.

Founding and Milestones

Koo In-Hwoi , founder of LuckyChemical Co., LTD, now LG Chem

LG’s roots started in 1947 in Korea, founded by Koo In-Hwoi, originally called LuckyChemical CO., LTD, which is now LG Chem. This was where Korea’s first cosmetic product, “Lucky Cream,” was produced. About a year and a half later, in 1948, the company established its first cosmetics laboratory in Changsin-dong, Seoul. By August of 1952, the company introduced Korea’s first injection molding machine and produced the country’s first plastic combs and soap cases.

By November of 1953, Lucky Industry, which is now LG International, was established. In 1955, LuckyChemical Co., Ltd., started to produce and sell toothpaste, and in 1956 Lucky Industry changed its name to Bando Corporation and created Korea’s first PVC pipe. By 1957, LuckyChemical Co., Ltd. developed and started producing vinyl floor coverings.

In 1958 Goldstar Co., LTD, which is now LG Electronics, was established. In 1959, Bando Corporation signed contracts with Union Carbide International in the United States and Formosa Plastics in Taiwan to supply chemical products and raw synthetic resins to the domestic market. By August 1959, GoldStar Co., Ltd., registered its first trademark for electrical machinery and urea resin products. By November, the company produced Korea’s first radio.

1960 was a busy year for Goldstar Co., Ltd. During this year, the company produced 6-transistor radios, 4-tube radios, and 12-inch fans for the first time in Korea. In 1961, Goldstar produced Korea’s first automatic telephone, and in November of 1962, the company exported its first 62 radios to Eisenberg, New York.

Goldstar produced the EMD type automatic telephone exchangers for the first time in 1964. By 1966, the company had produced Korea’s first 19-inch black and white TV. In March 1968, the company released the first room air conditioner, and in February 1969, it developed elevators and escalators for the first time in Korea. By May, Goldstar released the first Korean washing machine.

In December 1969, founder and first Chairman Koo In-Hwoi passed away. In January 1970, Koo Cha-kyung was inaugurated as the second chairman, and the company was recognized as a giant in the business world.

Koo Cha-kyung, Second Chairman

LuckyChemcial changed its name to Lucky Co. Ltd. In 1974. Goldstar produced the first Korean cassette recorder in 1973. By 1977, Goldstar began mass production of 19-inch color TVs.

In May of 1981, Goldstar released Korea’s first electronic VCR. In August of that year, the company produced its first domestic minicomputer. By May of 1982, Goldstar created Korea’s first color video camera. In July 1982, Goldstar opened a color TV factory in Huntsville, Alabama.

Fast forward to 1995: The company changed its name to LG, and Koo Bon-moo was inaugurated as the third chairman.

Koo Bon-moo, The Third Chairman of LG

In 2004, LG Electronics was named “World’s Best IT Company” by Business Week. In 2012, the company introduced its HomeChat™ service for smart appliances and launched its vehicle components company. LG introduced the world’s first 4K OLED TV and webOS smart TV in 2014. Today, LG continues its leadership in innovation.

Production and Manufacturing

Here is a brief overview of LG’s production and manufacturing and noteworthy products.



LG is a leader in many industries, producing chemicals, electronics, home appliances, air solutions, vehicle components, and business solutions. The company manufactures its products all over the world and has factories in the United States, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Poland, Russia, Indonesia, and India. LG is the world’s best-selling brand of OLED TVs. Other notable products that LG makes include:

  • Refrigerators
  • Washing machines
  • Dishwashers
  • Cooking appliances
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Built-in appliances
  • Air conditioners
  • Air purifiers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • TVsMonitors
  • PCs & accessories
  • In-vehicle infotainment
  • Commercial display solutions
  • Solar solutions
  • Energy storage systems (ESS)
  • Energy management solutions (EMS)


Inside LG’s TV Factory

LG has factories all over the world, including in the United States. In 2019, LG electronics opened a washing machine plant in Clarksville, Tennessee. The facility produces top- and front-loading washing machines. This is a state-of-the-art facility that is considered by many to be the most advanced integrated washing machine production plant in the world, with automated features such as robotic assembly and interior daylighting and landscaping for employees. In 2021, the company announced a 20.5-million-dollar expansion of the facility to support U.S. demand. LG refrigerators are currently produced in South Korea and China. However, with the expansion of the factory in Clarksville, most of the appliances for the U.S. market will be produced there eventually. LG headquarters are located in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea.

Key Facts

LG started as a chemical manufacturer and quickly branched into electronics. Through continuous innovation in technology and a desire to create happier and better lives for all, LG has been able to grow into an industry giant and leader. At the time of writing, LG Electronics held more than 284,000 patents.

LG takes its management practices seriously and places emphasis on continuous learning and improvement for its employees. LG implements a 1:1 Caring Process for its employees. It starts with one-on-one counseling with a manager to create a customized career development plan. Group-wide, job-specific, and external training are provided to individuals, followed by promotions. LG is committed to helping employees reach their career goals and providing the tools, guidance, and training they need for long-term success.

Diversity is also important to LG, which is why they have a policy against discrimination and facilitate a working environment where people with diverse backgrounds, values, and beliefs can all work together. The company hires and retains individuals based solely on their ambitions, talents, and ideas.

Warranty Information

LG stands behind its products and offers warranties based on the product. The company generally offers a 2-year limited product warranty on TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, monitors, air conditioners, fans, vacuum cleaners, home theaters, microwaves, Blu-ray DVD players, and monitors. This means LG makes promises free repairs in case of manufacturing or materials defects. It is important to note that each LG product has its own set of warranty conditions.

Additionally, the warranty may differ from what is listed on the product, depending on certain factors. For example, the warranty period of a given product will be half the normal warranty period under these conditions:

  • A domestic product used for commercial purposes
  • Products used in an abnormal environment, such as a car or boat

If a customer does not have the product warranty card or proof of purchase date, the start of the warranty period will be assumed to be three months after the manufacturing date.

LG offers separate warranties on certain parts within the products. The following parts may come with a 10-year warranty period, depending on the model:

  • Refrigerator compressors
  • Washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher motor drums
  • Microwave cavities

LG Appliance Parts

LG makes it easy to find genuine replacement parts for all your LG home appliances.

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Online Presence

  • The LG Website has several links to information about the company, its history, home appliances, and much more.
  • LG keeps followers updated on Facebook.
  • You can also connect with LG on Twitter.
  • You can find in-depth video coverage of some of LG’s newest products on the company’s YouTube channel.

Contact Information

You have many options if you want to get in touch with LG’s customer service team. You can connect with them through several different avenues.

  • You can reach out to the company using the online chat feature on their website.
  • If you need commercial support, call (888) 865-3026 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET.
  • For mobile support, the company can be reached at (800) 793 8896 between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. ET.
  • You can also reach out to the company on either their Facebook or Twitter pages.