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Galanz Freezers Reviewed: Chest Or Upright Options, Galanz Has It Covered

As more Americans warm up to Galanz freezers and discover more qualities beyond the brand’s affordability, this review shines a light on the brand’s freezer range, features, and technology.  Freezers aren’t the most exciting item to shop for. Most times we just go for any of the more recognizable brands. After all, they all perform the same. While any of the more familiar brands should work just fine, there is a case to be made for Galanz freezers. Galanz is not a brand that immediately jumps off the screen when you are shopping for freezers. It is not a legacy, […]

Galanz Refrigerators Reviewed: Cool Looks, Cooler Temps (Our Top 7 Picks)

Galanz is a Chinese brand that was founded in 1978. The company specializes in manufacturing home appliances such as fridges, freezers, microwaves, blenders, toasters, and air fryers. Galanz collaborates with top brands in the market to manufacture innovative products that are highly functional, efficient, smart, and safe.   The company has over 1,600 patents and partners with renowned U.S. brands to provide quality appliances to customers in the North American market. If you are shopping for a quality refrigerator, you must check out various models by Galanz and see how they compare with other products in the market. Here is a […]

Galanz 12.0-Cu. Ft. Top Mount Refrigerators Reviewed: Three Terrific Types

Guangdong Galanz Enterprises Co. Ltd, or Galanz for short, is a manufacturer of electronic home appliances. It was founded on the 28th of September 1978 by Liang Qingde. When it first started, the enterprise dealt in the trading of duck feathers. It wasn’t until 1992, that Galanz entered the home appliance industry manufacturing microwave ovens. By 1993, Galanz produced 10,000 microwave ovens for a trial run and as of January 2019, they accounted for about half of the world’s microwaves.  Guangdong Galanz Enterprises Co. Ltd is headquartered in Shunde District, Foshan City, and in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. The company […]

Galanz 3.1-Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge Review: A Modern Or Retro Choice

A refrigerator is probably the most frequently used home appliance. Within its doors, the most delectable treats and snacks are stored, and as a result, it’s the one place we can all be found when looking to satisfy our hunger or cheeky midnight cravings.  As you know, the market is flooded with refrigerators in various shapes and sizes; each having a unique design, storage space option, and level of convenience.  With so many types of refrigerators to choose from, you can easily select one that matches your lifestyle while fulfilling its essential purpose of keeping your food fresh.  Standard freezers […]

Galanz Appliances Brand Reviewed: The Good, The Bad, And The Retro

It is incredible to think that first-need kitchen appliances such as refrigerators have been around for a long time. From the early 1920’s when the first electrically powered refrigerators started to be commercialized, to the 40’s and 50’s in which such fridges came equipped with an inbuilt freezer, we have come a long way.  In terms of manufacture, refrigerators have suffered many important changes. Freon gas that was used as a refrigerant gas for old refrigerator models was partially banned in the 90’s and completely dismissed in the early 2010’s due to the ozone layer damage they caused. Also, inner […]

These Are the Best Built-In Refrigerators You Can Buy Today

A beautifully designed kitchen will always need a functional, yet stylish refrigerator that preserves your fresh foods and keeps your ice cream deliciously frozen but that is also adaptable to fit into the integrated cabinets you’ve got designed in advance to keep your kitchen’s appliances, dishes and tools well organized and at hand. In this article, we took the time to do mini research about some of the most modern built-in/integrated refrigerators and the brands that produce them, to tour you around practical options you will want to keep in mind, for your next built-in refrigerator purchase. Built-In Refrigerator Buying […]

Organize Your Freezer Like A Pro: Here Are The Best Freezer Storage Containers

A standard home refrigerator consists of two sections; freezer and fridge. Your freezer holds the key to satisfying your hunger, saving your leftovers, and keeping your frozen items fresh. It is also the best place for storing decadent ice-creams and frozen desserts. That being said, it is vital to utilize freezer space properly to get the maximum out of your machine. Even a large freezer will look small if you don’t manage it properly. However, when storing food in a freezer, it needs protection from freezer burn. This is when food discolors and drys out because it has been exposed […]

Best Garage Freezers Reviewed: Upright, Chest, and Deep Freezers

We can say for sure that one major habit born out of pandemic-mode life was stocking up on food. For this, a means to store your extra frozen food was required, but there was a run on dedicated, standalone garage freezers in the market back in 2020. Fast forward to 2021, and you have plenty of garage freezers to choose from at the click of a mouse. However, the foray into the freezer world is not as simple as it looks, and this is because they’re found in different sizes and types. On top of that, you need to consider […]

The Ultimate Smart Fridge Buying Guide Our 5 Best Picks

As technology continues to advance, the top fridge brands in the market are continuously improving their products to match the needs of the modern consumer. This is where smart fridges come. In this guide, we’ll cover a brief description of what smart fridges are, highlight their merits and demerits, and review the top five products in the market which we feel could suit your needs.  So, let’s get started! What is a Smart Fridge? Smart fridges differ from ordinary models because they come fitted with modern digital technologies that give users added flexibility when interacting with the appliances.  For instance, […]

These Are The Best Freezer Brands You Should Consider Today

There are many brands in the market today, and not all of them are committed to manufacturing quality products. Now, identifying the best brands in the market will require you to perform in-depth research, which takes time and energy. Luckily, we have done this hard task for you.  In this review, we have featured 5 freezer brands available in the market today which we feel offer the best quality products that will give you value for money. Read on to find out more details. Types of Freezers Chest Freezers Chest freezers get their name from their box-shaped design. They usually […]