We Picked The 5 Best Beer Fridges Available on the Market Today

Beer cooler fridges have become common in most homes. It’s not just restaurants, bars, or motels that have them now. They are most convenient in dens, game rooms, entertainment areas, lobbies, and basements. 

All along folks have just had to cope with putting beer in a cooling box, but that comes with the hassle of having the ice as well. On a hot day, the ice just continues to melt and the beer is not just cold enough. With the small beer fridges, you can have ice-cold beer not just at the bar but at home as well.

Therefore, if a beer bottle fridge is a must-have item for you today, then this buying guide will be your most trusted helper!

Beer Fridge Buying Guide

What Exactly is a Mini Beer Fridge?

Beer fridges have been around and mostly in use in restaurants, bars and commercial places. Under counter beer fridges and outdoor beer fridges are becoming more popular now that people enjoy beer at home while watching games or just Friday night after work. What’s best is they don’t take much space at all, just the average size of your 

You can now find cheap beer fridges that are environmentally friendly. They are more energy-efficient as thermoelectric best wine and beer fridge of high electricity consumption have slowly been replaced by compressor driven coolers that overcharge your electricity bill. 

With that in mind, you need to know the key features to look out for, whether it will be a double beer fridge or tall beer fridge. Choosing it for you den or studio, you will know how to find the best for your unique taste.

How to Choose The Best Beer Refrigerator

You would have to consider the controls, zones and of course, price. Let’s review the most outstanding features of a beer cooler fridge in depth. 

Installation types

  • Freestanding: A freestanding beer bottle fridge is a unit that you should not store into a shelved cabinet or place on a cupboard as their exhaust will be located at the rear end of the fridge and it will need space for the fans to ventilate and breathe. You can place it on the floor close to the AC outlet as using an extension cord may affect its overall performance.
  • Built-in: A built-in beer cooler fridge is one that can be placed into cabinetry as long as you follow the instructions that the brand specifies in the user’s manual. It can be placed on top of another piece of furniture as long as the exhaust is uncovered.
  • Freestanding and inbuilt: Some beer fridges will have the advantage of dual choice installation, freestanding and built-in. Make sure to read the manual properly before choosing your final installation choice.

Temperature types

  • Single zoned: This means that the entire beer cooler maintains the same temperature. Most of them come with an adjustable thermostat which means you can control the temperature. 
  • Dual: these enable you to have different temperatures on two sides. This option will come in handy if you have beer with low alcohol content because its ideal temperature is 45-50 degrees while beer with high alcohol content’s ideal temperature is 55-60 degrees F.
  • Triple zoned: you can have three different temperatures on three sides. Might be handy if you might as well store drinks in the beer bottle cooler as well.

Capacity & shelves

Adjustable shelves will make it convenient to store your beer bottles.


It will be easier to have digital controls that help you choose your desired temperature.

Additional features

  • Door Lock: Improve your security and keep the minors away from alcohol.
  • Door Options: Choose between a left swing or right swing, French door or reversible doors depending on your preference.
  • LED Lighting: There is blue LED lighting or white LED lighting. Whichever suits you best?

Review of The 5 Best Beer Fridges

1. NewAir Beer Froster Refrigerator and Cooler with Glass Door, 125 Can

Manufacturer, color, materials: Beer Froster Fridge from NewAir has a nice stainless steel and black combination. Has heated glass doors that stay frost free.  The heated glass adds to the sleek design of the black statement exterior.

Dimensions, Weight, and Capacity: this free-standing design is 33.5 inches tall, 22.1 inches wide and 19.9 inches deep. Weighs 87.1 pounds and has a capacity of 3.5 cubic feet. It holds 125 cans at once.

Voltage, Temperature range: Voltage is 110 volts. It chills drinks from 23F -72F. Also has party and turbo mode. Party mode keeps the Froster compressor at 23 degrees for 6 hours. When you restock during a party, guests will get an ice cold beers. Once the six hours are up, the Froster will adjust to the temperature set on the digital thermostat.

Turbo mode is a last-minute way to get your drinks ready on time. As soon as you put your drinks in the Froster turn on turbo mode. In only an hour lukewarm beer turns ice cold, once its ice-cold, the Froster adjusts to the set temperature.

Maintenance and upkeep: Do not use solvent-based cleaning agents or abrasives on the interior. These cleaners may damage or discolor the interior.

Other Features: Offers flexible storage, adjustable shelves can make room for taller-sized cans and bottles.


NewAir Beer Froster Refrigerator


  • Key lock
  • No temperature fluctuations
  • Party and Turbo mode


  • No light inside
  • Wire rack bends


2. Kalamera 24” Beverage Refrigerator 175 Can

Manufacturer, color, materials: The beverage refrigerator from Kalamera is designed from stainless steel, with triple layered transparent glass door insert. 

Dimensions, Weight and Capacity: it takes up under 23”x 24” of floor space. 

Voltage, Temperature range: The refrigerator is built with whisper-quiet compressors to maintain temperatures from 38-50 degrees F

Maintenance and upkeep: When cleaning, unplug the beverage refrigerator and remove the bottles. Wash the inside with warm water or baking soda solution. The solution should be about 2 tablespoons of baking powder to a quart of water. The outside should be cleaned with mild detergent or warm water. 

Other Features:  It comes with blue LED lights that are soft and yet allow you to see where the beer is.  A built-in universal bolt lock to keep kids from playing with your beverage or frequent opening which affects the temperature. The embedded carbon filter purifies the air against odors. Be sure to keep it away from direct sunlight.


Kalamera 24” Beverage Refrigerator


  • Blue interior LED light
  • Security lock
  • Built in or free standing
  • Super quiet


  • Poor shipping services
  • The wire racks cannot withstand heavy weight


3. Antarctic Star 24 Inch Beverage Refrigerator

Manufacturer, color, materials: This mini-fridge from Antarctic Star is made from stainless steel and has one door. Offers the best price for the best looks. The clear double-layer tempered glass makes it easy to see your drinks.

Dimensions, Weight, and Capacity: Great room for storage. There is a bigger space so that you don’t have to remove the shelf to put different types and sizes of wine. Saves a lot of space by only taking 23.4” x 22.6” x 22.6” of your space.

Voltage, Temperature range: Keeps the drinks nice and chilled.  However, it is not for food or milk because it will go bad, just for your beverages. Quiet energy-efficient and comes with temperature control. Temperature setting can be adjusted from 35.6 degrees F to 50 degrees F. You will love that left and right maintain separate temperatures for your wine, beer, and soda cans. 

Maintenance and upkeep: Disconnect power to the unit, remove shelves and contents. Wipe the interior. You are good to reconnect the unit. The exterior may be cleaned with a mild detergent.

Other Features: It looks great in the theater room because of the blue LED lights. A great addition to your beverage bar at home. The noise level is really quiet. The reversible door hinge ensures compatibility with your cabinet layout. Another bonus feature is that when the door is not closed tightly, the alarm goes off, this will prevent temperature fluctuations.


Antarctic Star 24 Inch Beverage Refrigerator


  • Super quiet
  • Efficient
  • Soft blue LED light


  • Not for milk or food

4. Zephyr PRB24C01BG Presrv Series

Manufacturer, color, materials: The stainless steel mini fridge from Zephyr has a solid pattern. However, once you decide to reverse the door swing, you will need silicon to hold the screw in place. Offers easy access to kids and you might want to be careful if you want to use it for alcohol. 

Dimensions, Weight, and Capacity: Flexible shelf arrangement. It is ideal because you can have a tall shelf for bottles or big bottles of mixers and a short shelf for cans.

Voltage, Temperature range: Temperatures range from 34 degrees F to 50 degrees F. Voltage is 115V. Quiet efficient and is Energy Star Certified.

Other Features: Three choices of color and LED when it comes to lighting. Quite durable and beautiful. Not exactly cheap but worth the investment. Should be able to withstand all temperatures.  Great full extension top shelf which allows for easy access to the back bottles.


Zephyr PRB24C01BG Presrv Series


  • Super Quiet
  • Fully extension top shelf
  • 3 options of lighting


  • Once unscrewed, the screw needs silicon to hold in place
  • Easy access for kids


5. Kegco 24 in. Wide Undercounter Beer Bottle Refrigerator

Manufacturer, color, materials:  The beer bottle bomber fridge from Kegco, has a wide black cabinet with soft blue LED light. The stainless steel framed glass door with UV protection helps prevent harmful light from making your beer skunk. The sleek design with blue LED lighting looks really cool.

Capacity: It’s specially designed for storing those big bombers, 750 ml beer bottles, and other large beers taking space in your refrigerator. Holds up to 70 cans as well.

Temperature range: Temperature ranges from 39 degrees F to 64 degrees F. Has a fan-forced cooling system that helps speed up temperature pulldown and ensure even and consistent cooling. You will always have your craft beer cold in time for the big game.

Maintenance and upkeep: Turn off the power and unplug the appliance. Wash the interior with warm water and baking soda solution. Solution should be two tablespoons to a quart of water.

Other Features: Comes with a door lock to prevent easy access.  Great for keeping alcohol away from the kids. Front venting design allows it to be used built-in or freestanding. Whether its for the den or your beverage bar, its great. Be sure to read the installation instructions for your preferred choice.


Kegco 24 in. Wide Bottle Refrigerator


  • Security lock
  • Blue LED lighting
  • UV protection
  • Shelf extension


  • Less storage



What temperature should a beer fridge set at?

Beer with low alcohol content should have their temperature set at 45-50 degrees F. Those with higher content at 55-60 degrees F.

Should beer be refrigerated?

It will be fine if you leave it at room temperature, however it will age faster and develop off flavors. It will skunk or taste flat. Refrigerating it will preserve the taste.

How long does beer last in a fridge?

You will be surprised to know that beer can last from six months to two years at most. It’s also important to check its expiration date.

How cold should the beer fridge be?

Like mentioned earlier, this will depend largely on the alcohol content. For macro lagers 33 -40 degrees range should be fine. Most draft beers do well at 36-38 degrees.

How many amps does a beer fridge use?

The average fridge will use approximately 725 watts of electricity and 15 to 20 amps according to the U.S Department of Energy. Just adds about 10 percent or more to your utility bill. Mini fridges consume not more than 239.42 kilowatt-hours per year for manual defrost versions. With a 110 volt current, a 750-watt appliance will require 6.8 amps to operate.

Where do you buy a fridge?

The best place to buy will depend on cost of shipping and availability in stock. The best places include Amazon and Home depot. These are major distributors of the best appliances.

How many beer bottles fit in a mini-fridge?

This will depend on the make of the fridge. Some hold from as little as 46 bottles and even up to 125 cans. Be sure to look at the different types available.

How much is a beer fridge?

The prices range from as little as $169 on Amazon. The prices will increase as additional features add to your unique style. For whatever amount you have, you can get the deal.

What is the best beer fridge?

Most times you will find that different fridges have different best features. This will depend on whether you are looking for best high capacity, best quick chilling or best budget. The Best overall would be the NewAir Can Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler according to