These Are The Best Freezer Brands You Should Consider Today

There are many brands in the market today, and not all of them are committed to manufacturing quality products. Now, identifying the best brands in the market will require you to perform in-depth research, which takes time and energy. Luckily, we have done this hard task for you. 

In this review, we have featured 5 freezer brands available in the market today which we feel offer the best quality products that will give you value for money. Read on to find out more details.

Types of Freezers

Chest Freezers

Chest freezers get their name from their box-shaped design. They usually have hinged doors that open upwards. Therefore, when installing one, make sure that you have sufficient headroom to allow you to open it. These freezers come in a variety of sizes and capacities. For instance, there are compact models with 2.0 cu ft capacity, which you can keep in your office or RV.  Some commercial models hold up to 40 cu ft of frozen food. 

Generally, chest freezers are energy efficient by design. When you open the freezer door, the cold air sinks to the bottom of the storage chamber. This way, the unit uses less power to keep your food frozen. It is important to mention that chest freezers come with removable baskets, which you can use to compartmentalize the storage area. Usually, people store foods such as meats at the bottom to keep them frozen for longer. It is wise to store smaller food packages in removable baskets for easy access.

Upright Freezers

Upright freezers are mimic traditional refrigerators and come in varied sizes. Unlike chest freezers, upright models are easy to access. Moreover, compact units can fit in tight places in offices and garages. Whether it’s in the kitchen or at the workplace, these freezers allow you to keep pre-cooked meals within reach whenever you need them. You can easily customize the storage space of an upright freezer, thanks to their adjustable shelves. Other features that come with these models include reversible door designs for easy installation in tight spaces and security locks for controlled access.

On the downside, upright freezers are slightly expensive than chest freezers because of their added ergonomics. They are also less energy-efficient and tend to use more electricity compared with chest freezer models of comparable wattage. This is because when you open the door of an upright freezer, the cold air pours out, making them use more electricity to cool the interior. 

Portable Freezers

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you also want to carry enough food supplies on your trips. Before the advent of portable freezers, people relied on cool boxes stuffed with ice blocks to preserve food while on trips to remote areas. Unfortunately, these boxes are not reliable. Thankfully, with portable freezers, you can bid this problem goodbye. 

Portable freezers can run on either DC, AC, or both. The advantage of DC models is that you can hook them to your car’s DC charger while driving. This way, you can keep your food fresh during your trip. Also, if you have an RV that has an AC power supply, you can use a compatible portable freezer and preserve your food during your trip.

Researchers in remote places keep samples fresh by using portable freezers. Additionally, medics and emergency workers can use these freezers to transport temperature-sensitive vials and medicines to remote places. It is also important to mention that portable freezers come in a wide range of designs and sizes to suit their diverse application.

Drawer Freezers

If you are a chef, then you would love to have a drawer freezer in your kitchen. As the name suggests, these freezers have drawers just like cabinets, which act as storage compartments. This way, chefs can store different types of foods separately. The advantage of this design is that you can avoid food cross-contamination, which could lead to poisoning. You also avoid mixing food flavors to the delight of your customers.

There are drawer freezers that are as high as kitchen cabinets. This feature makes them easy to install. Some also come with finished tops, which can be used as functional surfaces in the kitchen.

Display Freezers

When you visit retail stores, you see huge freezers used to display frozen foods such as vegetables, meats, and ice cream. Display freezers usually have glass doors and can be upright or take the shape of a chest freezer. The transparent doors allow shoppers to see the products stored inside without the need to open the units. These models come in different sizes to meet various commercial applications.

Euhomy Brand


The Euhomy brand is wholly owned by the Ningbo Heyme Information Technology Co., based in Ningbo, Zhejiang China. It was launched in 2018 and focuses on manufacturing various home appliances for the European and North American markets. This company is committed to manufacturing home appliances that inspire and add convenience to life through intuitive designs. Its vision is to provide products with a stress-free user experience to make life better and easier. 

Euhomy strives to meet the highest quality standards in the market by adopting consumer-centric processes. For instance, the brand’s core values include innovation, teamwork, reliability, and a genuine passion to help people. Embracing these values helps the company design some of the world’s best products, such as freezers, fridges, room heaters, and ice makers. 

The company has adopted responsible manufacturing processes that are focused on saving energy and reducing carbon emissions to the environment. Euhomy contributes to the global efforts toward sustainability by embracing environmental protection policies. Its products are energy verified by the CSA group and therefore meet the energy efficiency standards of the North American market. In addition, Euhomy appliances meet the Underwriter Laboratories (UL) certification for user safety. This way, your freezer will operate safely and not cause accidents. Also, these appliances do not consume a lot of power, thereby keeping your electricity bill low. 

If you wish to purchase a Euhomy freezer or any other home appliance, you can do so through Amazon or directly from its online store. The company has partnered with trusted delivery firms such as FedEx and UPS to make sure that you get orders promptly. Should your appliance get damaged during transportation, Euhomy has a friendly 30 days return policy that allows you to get a full refund of the amount paid. Its appliances also come with a 12-month warranty, which covers the appliance hardware and workmanship.

EUHOMY Upright freezer, 3.0 Cubic Feet, Single Door Compact Mini Freezer 


EUHOMY Upright freezer, 3.0 Cubic Feet, Single Door Compact Mini Freezer


  • Energy efficient
  • Reversible door
  • Affordable
  • Quick freeze


  • Unmovable shelves


Midea Brand


Midea is a global brand with operations in 195 countries, including the U.S.A. It specializes in manufacturing a wide range of home appliances such as cooktops, dishwashers, freezers, ovens, and refrigerators. The company was established in 1968 and its headquarters is in Shunde, Beijiao town. 

Over the years, Midea has expanded its business and currently has 21 production facilities that are strategically located in different parts of the world. This way, the company can easily reach millions of consumers in different markets. Its American subsidiary is headquartered in Parsippany, NJ. It also has research and emerging technology centers in Kentucky and California, respectively.

The Midea brand strives to provide user-friendly solutions for clients who are keen on enjoying fun moments at their homes. Its motto is to make clients feel at home with its products. The company allows you to register your products online, thereby delivering efficient customer support services. You will also get updates about your appliance, such as product recall details. Media provides up to a 1-year warranty on its freezers as a guarantee for quality workmanship. 

Generally, Midea freezers and fridges receive high customer ratings of 4 to 5 stars. They are also affordable and come in a wide range of sizes to meet diverse customer needs. These qualities make the Midea brand stand out among its competitors.





  • Large storage space
  • Reversible door
  • Adjustable legs
  • Adjustable glass shelves


  • Manual defrost


PeakCold Brand


The PEAKCOLD brand is wholly owned by Iron Mountain Refrigeration & Equipment, LLC. This family-owned business is headquartered in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, and specializes in manufacturing quality commercial freezers and refrigerators. Its products range from back bar coolers to milk coolers. 

The company uses the R290 refrigerant on its products, which has less impact on global warming. It also offers up to fives years warranty on its compressors and a one-year warranty on other parts of its freezers. If you wish to purchase its products, you can do so from the company’s online store or other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

When you buy a PEAKCOLD freezer, the company provides nationwide free shipping in the U.S. It is important to mention that its warranties apply to products used within the U.S. and are not transferable. This information is critical, especially to individuals who might be interested in buying commercial establishments with PEAKCOLD cooling appliances.

Individuals who require large freezers storage can invest in one of the smaller models of PEAKCOLD freezers, although the company targets commercial and industrial clients. The company keeps on adding new models to its product list. Therefore, if you do not find a product that works for you, keep checking their website for new releases.

PEAKCOLD Single Door Commercial Reach In Stainless Steel Freezer


PEAKCOLD Single Door Commercial Freezer


  • Large capacity
  • Automatic defrost
  • Easy to install


  • Temperature programming can be tasking


Danby Brand

Dandby Brand

Danby is a family-owned brand that was launched in 1947 in Montreal, Canada. The company manufactures a wide range of home appliances with various applications. For instance, if you wish to upgrade your kitchen, you can get quality Danby ranges, ovens, dishwashers, and microwaves to choose from. Likewise, if you need climate control appliances such as dehumidifiers and air conditioners, the company offers excellent options to meet a variety of applications. Danby also offers other appliances, such as fridges, freezers, laundry machines, ice makers, and wine coolers.

The company strives to provide consumers with beautifully designed appliances that are reliable and applicable in every stage of their lives. For instance, the Danby has freezers and fridges that students, couples, and even the elderly can use. It also provides some of the best product warranties. For instance, while most manufacturers will offer you a one-year warranty on freezers, Danby gives up to five-year warranties on some of its products, such as the DCF055A2WDB-3 Chest Freezer. 

While warranties of various Danby products may differ, you can expect to get at least 12 to 24 months or more for your appliance. The extended warranties are a guarantee that the appliances are of high quality. Besides the warranties, this company also gives in-home product support to clients to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Danby has an extensive network of service depots across the North American region, which ensures its clients receive quality customer support. 

When it comes to product pricing, Danby stands out as one of the pocket-friendly brands in the market. Its products have competitive prices and are built to give you value for money.

Danby DCF055A2WDB-3 5.5 Cu.Ft. Garage Ready Chest Freezer


Danby DCF055A2WDB-3 Garage Chest Freezer


  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Low power consumption
  • 5-year warranty with in-home service
  • Compact and lightweight design


  • Manual defrost


RCA Brand

RCA Brand

RCA is an American brand that has been around for more than a century. It specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of home appliances, such as refrigerators, microwaves, wine coolers, dishwashers, ice makers, and laundry machines. Other products by this brand include air conditioners, dehumidifiers, heaters, televisions, smartphones, and electrical accessories. 

There are other brands associated with RCA, such as Curtis, Sylvania, Proscan, and Hamilton Beach. Curtis, Sylvania, and Proscan brands specialize in digital electronic devices that improve the lifestyles of consumers, such as televisions, smartphones, home theaters, and computing devices. Hamilton Beach, On the other hand, specializes in home appliances such as chest freezers, combo refrigerators/freezers, dishwashers, water coolers, and wine fridges. This way, the RCA has specialized brands that target specific target markets while keeping the century-old brand relevant to modern time consumers. 

The RCA brand serves millions of consumers in North, South, and Central America, and Europe. It has dedicated customer support teams in these regions that ensure quick and timely responses to clients. If you have a warranty claim, you contact the customer support team. The company promises a response time of up to 48 hours. RCA warranties may vary from one product to another, but as long as you comply with the company terms and conditions, they will get a replacement if you receive a faulty appliance.

If you are looking for a reliable brand with diverse and affordable products, then go for RCA. You can get its products on popular online e-commerce sites such as Amazon. This way, you can shop for your desired appliance anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a mobile device or personal computer with an internet connection.

RCA RFR1055-RED, Retro 2 Door Apartment Size Refrigerator with Freezer

RCA RFR1055-RED, Retro 2 Door Apartment Size Refrigerator with Freezer


RCA RFR1055-RED, Retro 2 Door Apartment Size Refrigerator with Freezer


  • Two-door design
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Available in multiple shades


  • Manual defrost


Freezer Buying Guide

The market is flooded with lots of freezer brands. Each brand has multiple appliances that target diverse consumer needs. Now, getting the best freezer brand that works for you is not easy. To achieve this, you will need to evaluate each brand separately and identify reasons that make it stand out among others before determining whether its products are the right ones for you. In this buying guide, we furnish you with top-notch tips on how to choose the right freezer brand for you.

Read on to discover!

How to Choose the Right Freezer Brand For You

woman choosing household appliances in a store.

When choosing the best freezer brands in the market, there are various factors to consider, as explained below:

Product Variety

Consumers have varied product preferences depending on their needs. These include product size, color, and design. For instance, a student living in a dorm has limited space, as well as a budget to spend on electricity. Therefore, a compact and energy-efficient freezer will be an excellent pick for such clients. This is because such designs are space-saving and consume less electricity annually. However, small freezer models such as mini freezers are not ideal for big families, because they require at least 2.5 cu ft of freezer space per person.

When it comes to the color and finish of your freezer, you will want a unit that matches your house decor and furniture. Now, people have diverse tastes and preferences when it comes to house decor. For these reasons, the best brands strive to provide products that accommodate diverse consumer needs. They provide freezers of varied sizes and shades. They also incorporate features that suit specific applications. For instance, they will have models with clear doors for commercial display units. Here, they put the needs of clients first and provide the right solutions at every stage of their lives. 

Product Ergonomics

The best freezer brands in the market manufacturer products that are easy to use. Their goal is to provide products that make life easy for consumers. For instance, freezers that come with adjustable legs are very easy to set up on uneven floors. When it comes to tight spaces, units that have reversible doors allow you to customize how the doors will open. This way, you can make your freezer easily accessible while enhancing safety in your room. Companies that incorporate automatic defrost mechanisms in their freezer designs, free clients from the frequent concern of defrosting their units. 

Moreover, internal lights allow consumers to use freezers when it’s dark with ease. Other features that top brands incorporate in their freezer designs are adjustable shelves for upright models and removable baskets for chest freezers. These shelves and baskets come in handy when organizing the storage space. You can separate foods and make them easy to access. When it comes to heavier models such as commercial freezers, the best brands in the market incorporate heavy-duty casters that make it easy to move the units. Therefore, as you pick a freezer brand, go for one with models that are easy to use.

Applied Technology 

The leading brands in the market use advanced technologies that ensure that their freezers and fridges operate more efficiently than ordinary models. For example, most freezers and fridges use compressors to pump the refrigerant through the cooling system. Ordinary compressors have a single-speed setting. Such units operate at peak load depending on the temperature setting of the appliance, irrespective of the ambient temperature. The result is high electricity consumption, which leads to increased operating costs. When running at peak load, compressors have high noise levels, which make them unsuitable for certain applications, such as bedroom fridges

To solve this problem, leading brands use advanced technologies, such as digital inverter compressors.  These units have adjustable speeds to match different ambient conditions. During summer, when temperatures on the outside are high, digital inverter compressors operate at higher speeds to compensate for the high-temperature difference. However, when the temperatures fall at night or in winter, these compressors will run at lower speeds because of the reduced load as a result of the low-temperature difference between the unit’s interior and outside. 

Some brands use linear inverter compressors, which are more advanced and can save energy consumption by 32% compared to ordinary models. Units that use these compressors adjust power consumption to match the amount of food in the storage and reduce noise levels by 25%.

Other technologies that are used in modern freezers and fridges include StayCool, insulated capillary, and diamond shape interior design. 

The StayCool feature uses gel technology to keep freezers cool for hours during power outages. The insulated capillary technology prevents the refrigerant from losing its cooling effect and helps to keep your freezer cold for up to 12 hours after a blackout. The diamond-shaped interior slows the ice thawing process, thus keeping the unit cooler for longer during power cuts. Brands that use these technologies manufacture highly efficient appliances that not only consume low electricity but reduce the impact of power outages on your stored food.

Manufacturing Processes

The manufacturing processes of electrical appliances have a huge impact on the environment. For instance, using electricity from fossil fuels emits a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere, which leads to global warming. Also, some refrigerants such as chlorofluorocarbons contribute immensely to the thinning of the ozone layer. For these reasons, the best freezer brands in the market adopt responsible manufacturing processes that protect the environment. Buying from these brands is one way of contributing to a safer environment.


The price of a product determines its affordability. The best freezer brands not only focus on the usability of their appliances but also their affordability. The best freezers in the market come at pocket-friendly prices and are designed to meet your needs. Therefore, while shopping for the ideal brand to buy from, check their product prices and make sure that they are within your budget. However, do not use product pricing alone to choose your freezer. Ensure that it’s designed to give you value for money.

Customer Support

Although freezers use similar principles to operate, they may differ in design from one brand to another. For this reason, companies provide specialized customer support in case customers experience difficulties when operating the appliances. To achieve this, the lead brands use various approaches. 

For instance, they provide product manuals that detail the salient features of a freezer and how you should operate it. Some brands have YouTube channels and FAQs sections on their websites which are handy resources when troubleshooting appliances at home. For complex cases such as repairs, top brands in the market work closely with a network of skilled technicians who provide quick responses to customer requests.

Companies provide various ways through which you can launch your complaints. These include 24/7 online chat, emails, or telephone contacts. When choosing a brand, make sure that they have a service agent near you. This way, it will be easy to service your freezer if it breaks down. 


Companies offer warranties on the freezers as a guarantee of quality. Most brands offer 12-month warranties on their appliances. These guarantees cover the quality of materials and workmanship. However, the best brands provide extended warranties of between five and ten years, especially on compressors. Working with such brands gives you peace of mind that if you operate the appliance as per warranty terms, you will not incur extra costs on it. Therefore, seek to buy your freezer from a brand that offers extended warranties.


One way of getting good freezer brands in the market is finding out other clients’ experiences with them through online reviews. Check out how they handle their customer complaints. If the company provides fast and friendly services to resolve the issues, then that is a good brand to work with. However, if the customer support ignores clients’ complaints and has a reputation of not honoring warranties, then be wary of them. There is no guarantee that you will not experience the same treatment. 

Infallible Freezer Safety Tips

  • Avoid plugging your freezer into the mains as soon as you receive your purchase. You will need to allow the unit to settle for some time before using it. Modern freezers and fridges come with various fluids in their cooling systems, which are used to improve their efficiency. These fluids get to move around during transportation and need to be at the right places when you power on the unit. 
  • If you need to defrost your freezer manually, make sure you do so according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Avoid using sharp items to remove ice in the freezer wall. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this if your unit has an automatic defrosting mechanism. 
  • In case your unit stops working as expected, refrain from fixing it on your own, especially if the warranty is still valid and you are not a skilled technician. Doing so will not only invalidate your warranty but also expose you to the risk of electrical shocks, which can be fatal. The best thing to do is to contact the brand’s customer support and get a qualified technician to fix the unit. 
  • Avoid opening your freezer door for a long time, especially if you have an upright model. The cold air in these units flows out easily, forcing the freezer to use more electricity to keep your food frozen. Also, make sure that the freezer doesn’t rest on its power cable as this can damage it and expose you to the risk of electrical shock. Use power surge protection on your unit to protect it from high voltages from the mains.

How to Use a Freezer Properly

  • When you purchase a freezer, the first thing you want to do is to read and understand the manufacturer’s manual. This way, you will know the salient features of your product and how to operate it properly. Carefully remove all packaging material and move the unit to where you want to install it. At this point, you can reverse-install the door to customize it to your space.  
  • Allow the unit to settle, as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, before plugging it into the mains. Make sure the unit is turned off when connecting it to the mains. If you have an upright model, use the removable shelves to customize your storage space depending on the size of food packages you will use to store your food. For a chest freezer, use removable baskets to divide the storage space. You can use these baskets to store small food packages and leftovers, otherwise, they will easily get lost in the freezer. 
  • Defrost your freezer regularly and clean it, especially after a prolonged power outage. This way, you will avoid bad odor from accumulating in your freezer. Always store meats and seafood at the bottom of your freezer to prevent them from dripping into other foods.


Which brand of a freezer is the best?

When choosing a freezer brand, go for one that offers reliable, durable, efficient, and affordable appliances and offers excellent customer support.

What is the most reliable freezer brand?

Examples of reliable freezers brands in the North American region market include Danby, Midea, and Euhomy.

Which freezer brand is most reliable for commercial freezers?

If you are looking for a commercial freezer, one of the best brands to consider is PEAKCOLD

What freezer brands are based in the U.S.A?

Examples of freezer brands based in the U.S. include Peakcold, RCA, Whirlpool, and Viking.

Which freezer brand is pocket-friendly?

Euhomy, Danby, Midea, and RCA are some of the most affordable freezer brands in the market.