Who Has Freezers on Sale? (And What You Should Expect This Black Friday)

The holiday countdown is officially on! By now, we all know that one of the best times to get your holiday shopping down without breaking the bank is Black Friday. Once you’ve recovered from your Thanksgiving food coma, you might want to start thinking about how you can best store all of those extra leftovers without wasting any food. Lucky for you, companies like Amazon and Home Depot often have incredible deals on large appliances – like freezers – on Black Friday, so you can freeze your Thanksgiving leftovers without a worry. 

Today, we’re going to walk you through what Black Friday freezer sales look like, how to find the best deals on Amazon and Home Depot, and what brands you should be keeping an eye on as Black Friday gets closer.

What Does Shopping Online Look Like On Black Friday?

Before online shopping became popular, you might expect to wait in a long, endless line at your favorite store early in the morning on Black Friday. Now that shopping online has become easier and more accessible for everyone, there’s a whole new method to finding the products you need. 

Shopping online during Black Friday usually involves jumping around to different sites as well as constantly refreshing vendor pages. You should know that website traffic is usually much higher during Black Friday because there is a higher volume of people visiting popular websites. Expect pages to load slower and maybe even time out. Try not to let this frustrate you though – stay patient and you’ll be able to take advantage of the deals vendors are offering up this Black Friday.

What Can You Expect This Black Friday?

Unfortunately, shopping online on Black Friday this year may be more difficult than usual, so be prepared. Supply chain disruptions, shipping delays, and a labor shortage are all going to create stock issues, which could translate to a smaller selection of the products you’re after. 

That being said, we still expect discounts on refrigerators and freezers to be similar to what we’ve seen in the past for Black Friday deals. In general, we expect large appliances, including refrigerators and freezers, to be discounted anywhere from 30% to 40% off, and often with extra savings on top of that. As we said, stay patient and you’ll get the deals you’re after!

How Do You Buy a Freezer On Black Friday?

The answer to this question is truly based on your personal shopping preferences. Some shoppers want to physically visit a store and look at models or speak to a sales representative to ensure they choose the right model for their needs. If you’re not sure about what freezer you want to buy this Black Friday, opting to wait to visit a store in-person may be the best option for you. 

Other shoppers may have already decided what kind of refrigerator or freezer they want and opt to purchase online as soon as the sale goes live. If you want to avoid long lines at the store – especially during COVID-19 – shopping online may be the best option for you. Make sure you do plenty of research into the freezer you want to buy, as this is a big investment to make. 

“Prepping for shopping for refrigerators and freezers on Black Friday isn’t something to be taken lightly,” says Julie Ramhold, Consumer Analyst. “It’s incredibly important to do research ahead of time so that you know what you’re looking for and what you’re willing to spend. Read reviews of the best products, and try to make your decision ahead of time on which one you’ll be looking for. That way when the sale begins, you can shop quickly, before items can sell out.”

Despite the name “Black Friday,” for many years now sales usually begin on Thanksgiving, meaning you can get a bit of a jump on freezers for sale, especially if you’re shopping online. Since many retailers are closed on Thanksgiving to observe the holiday, these sales begin online before the stores open on Black Friday to allow in-person shopping.

When Do Amazon And Home Depot Typically Start Their Sales For Black Friday?

Home Depot will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but it may begin its sale online on the holiday. However, a safer bet is that large appliances, including refrigerators and freezers, will go on sale on Black Friday itself.

As for Amazon, the online retailer is notorious for starting Black Friday deals early. More often than not, you’ll find notable deals the entire week of Black Friday, though the very best ones usually fall around Thursday and Friday. You should also keep an eye out for Cyber Monday deals from both Home Depot and Amazon!

Do Home Depot And Amazon Offer Deals On Freezers For Black Friday?

Yes! Home Depot will sometimes run a “buy more, save more” promotion where shoppers can save big when they purchase more appliances, in addition to base savings from traditional Black Friday deals. In 2020, Home Depot offered up to 40% off large appliances and then an additional promotion that provided as little as $50 off when two appliances were purchased while buying six or more would save shoppers up to $700. The retailer also offered discounts on purchases of three, four, and five appliances at the same time.

Typically, Amazon will have a countdown leading up to Black Friday with focused deals beginning on November 1. It’s possible you could find a great deal on a freezer early in the month before shopping really ramps up!

“When Black Friday ads are released, inspect them ahead of time,” Ramhold suggests. “The more prep work you put in before Black Friday, the more confident you’ll be in your refrigerator and freezer purchases on Black Friday.”

What is Shipping Like For Large Items Like Freezers? Are There Ordering Deadlines?

In most cases, Home Depot offers free shipping large appliances, as long as they’re $396 or more. Alternatively, if you’re close enough to a Home Depot store and it’s available, you can opt for in-store pickup to avoid any shipping charges. For Amazon, most purchases usually have free delivery outright.

Ordering deadlines are often restricted to sale dates. For instance, if a Black Friday sale begins on Black Friday and ends the following Sunday, shoppers will have to purchase their items within that time frame in order to receive the deal price. Outside of that, there aren’t really ordering deadlines for these products.

How Do You Return a Freezer Bought During Black Friday?

Because refrigerators and freezers are such large purchases, making a return will often involve having to schedule a pickup from a major carrier. However, before even accepting a delivery, Home Depot notes that consumers should inspect for any damage. If there is any, shoppers should refuse to accept the delivery. If you discover a defect or damage after accepting the delivery, you only have 48 hours to report it to the number (800) 455-3869 in order to be able to return it.

At Amazon, return policies are a bit more lenient. Major appliances are returnable for any reason within 30 days of receipt of purchase. However, like Home Depot, Amazon also says appliances should be inspected before accepting the delivery and that if any damage or defects are noted, delivery should be refused.

What Freezer Models Are Typically Available On Black Friday?

Specific models will vary year by year, but often you can find several different types of freezers on sale on Black Friday, especially at retailers like Home Depot. For instance, we usually see deals on French door models, side-by-side, and even the traditional top freezer design. It’s also likely we’ll see models with a four-door French door design on sale for Black Friday in 2021.

What Are Stock Levels Like For Freezers Right Now?

Stock levels will vary depending on where you live, so if you’re hoping to shop in person or utilize in-store pick up, you may be limited. Generally, shopping online is a safer bet when it comes to ensuring that the freezer you want is in stock. However, this year, there’s a chance we may be dealing with lower stock levels due to the supply chain disruptions and delivery delays.

What Are The Key Freezer Brands To Pay Attention To This Year?

This Black Friday, you can guarantee that big brands like Samsung, KitchenAid, Frigidaire, LG, Whirlpool, and more will be on sale. Freezers from Samsung and LG tend to be more expensive, though. If you’re interested in Samsung’s new Bespoke line of refrigerators, know that they’ll be pricier than other models on the market. However, Samsung will also have freezers for sale under $1,000. If you’re shopping on a tighter budget, you should check out Frigidaire and Whirlpool – these high-quality brands will also have models under $1,000.


How do I know which freezer is best for me?

Check out RefrigeratorHQ’s Best Freezer Review Guide for more tips on picking the best freezer for you.

Do you have any tips on how to maintain my new freezer? 

We do! RefrigeratorHQ has a few different guides to freezers, which you can find here.

What are some tips to avoid problems when I’m shopping online on Black Friday?

Do your research ahead of time. If you know exactly what you want to buy this Black Friday, chances are you won’t have to search around the retailer’s website, risking that items will sell out or the website will crash from an overload of website traffic. Retailers like Amazon and Home Depot also offer shoppers the opportunity to save items to wish lists – this is a great way to get all of the products you want to buy in one place, making adding them to your cart easier than ever.

What if I want to do my Black Friday shopping in person?

That’s perfectly fine! Some shoppers prefer to see the products they’re about to invest in in-person before making a purchase. Just know that stock levels may be lower in physical stores due to supply chain issues and labor shortages, so the products you want may not be available in-person on Black Friday. You should also have an idea of what your delivery arrangement will be for larger appliances, like freezers.

How long do Black Friday deals typically last?

It depends on the retailer, but nowadays, Black Friday deals can last all weekend, extending into Cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving). 

What do I do if there’s a problem with the freezer I bought on Black Friday?

The last thing any of us want is to be stuck with a defective freezer after investing a lot of money in it, as these appliances aren’t cheap! Always check the retailer’s return policy before purchasing something online or in-person.