Organize Your Freezer Like A Pro: Here Are The Best Freezer Storage Containers

A standard home refrigerator consists of two sections; freezer and fridge. Your freezer holds the key to satisfying your hunger, saving your leftovers, and keeping your frozen items fresh. It is also the best place for storing decadent ice-creams and frozen desserts. That being said, it is vital to utilize freezer space properly to get the maximum out of your machine. Even a large freezer will look small if you don’t manage it properly.

However, when storing food in a freezer, it needs protection from freezer burn. This is when food discolors and drys out because it has been exposed to cold temperatures. There are many ways to protect food in the freezer. For example, you could use freezer paper, foil, zipper bags, freezer bags, or plastic bags. 

Each of these has some advantages and limitations and works best for a particular type of item. However, one method is best for all types of food and helps organize your food in the best way possible. This method is storage containers or storage boxes, as you like to call it. The freezer storage containers come in different shapes and sizes and are purpose-built. You can find a storage container for any particular type of food.

Freezer Storage Containers – A Synopsis

What is a Freezer Storage Container?

A freezer storage container is a dedicated box used to store items in a freezer. These boxes come in different shapes and sizes and are user-friendly compared to other freezing methods. You don’t have to worry about freezer burns or disorganized freezer as these boxes keep everything sorted for you.

Types of Freezer Storage Containers

Freezer storage containers differ by three main attributes; size, shape, and material. Let’s get to know them concerning these three parameters.

Size: You can find a freezer storage box up to 17.3 cups or as small as one with 1 cup portions. Storage box sizes are also measured in oz.

Shape: Storage containers come in a lidded box style that is best for storing leftovers or uncooked meat, vegetables, or anything that needs a square or rectangular storage area. You can also find crisp drawer-style storage boxes that are best for storing fruits and vegetables before washing them. They help control the moisture inside the box and keep the foods fresh. The third commonly used type is jars. Jars are best for storing liquid items. For example, you can store broth, tomato paste, or anything liquid. Another typical shape is the cube-style storage box. These boxes are ideal for storing small food portions or broth, soup, and sauces.

Material: The most commonly used materials are glass and plastic. These materials are primarily microwaveable and dishwasher safe. Often you will need to defrost frozen items out of the refrigerator; a microwaveable box will make things easy for you. The other common material is stainless steel. You will also find disposable storage boxes made out of paper. They are a good option, too, but they can warp when left in the freezer for an extended time.

Why Freezer Safe Containers are a Good Investment?

To see why these containers are a good investment, let’s check out their advantages.

Organization: These boxes keep your freezer section organized and help utilize freezer space to its maximum capacity. Just imagine rummaging through a bunch of plastic bags in your freezer to locate the required item. Now think of just checking transparent boxes and locating your required item in a couple of seconds. That’s how easy your life gets after you start using storage containers.

Space Saving: An organized freezer creates space for more food items than a disorganized one. Consider the example of your wardrobe here. What’ll happen if you just through your clothes in your closet without folding them or hanging them up. They’ll pile up on each other and occupy way more space than they should, and you’ll have to spend a significant amount of time searching for your required apparel. The same goes for your freezer. Storage boxes are the only effective way to save space in your freezer and get more out of it.

Fresh Food: The most significant benefit of storage boxes is fresh food. Keeping your food or meat in freezer bags or plastic bags increases the risk of freezer burn. Peeled vegetables stored for later use can get freezer burn, and it destroys the texture and taste. Freezer boxes won’t do any damage to the food in them. The items will not get in touch with the freezer body, and thus they will stay safe. Moreover, freezer containers also serve as a thawing bowl. The blood and water from frozen food will gather inside the bowl and will not make any mess in your freezer or on your kitchen counter.

Apart from the above three fundamental advantages, there are numerous benefits that you can enjoy once you start using these containers. So, now that you know what a freezer storage container is, how it works and why it is a good idea to invest in one, let us present you with some of the best containers that you can use to get the best out of your freezer.

Freezer Containers Buying Guide

Though not very costly, these boxes are an everyday use item in your kitchen. We want you to get the best boxes according to your usage requirements. Therefore, it is imperative to go through a buying guide before finalizing your purchase decision.

How to Choose the Right Freezer Containers

To select the best freezer storage containers, you need to analyze their features. Once you know what features are present in the container, you will be in a better position to decide if it is the right one for you or not. So, let’s check the features you need to consider before buying a freezer storage box.

Features to Consider Before Buying a Freezer Storage Box


The best materials for freezer containers are glass and BPA-free plastic. They are easy to use and store than stainless steel containers. Glass containers are durable and last longer than plastic ones. However, they are prone to breakage compared to plastic containers. You can also use them in the oven without any worries.

Plastic containers are cheap and have a limited life. Poor quality containers can get de-shaped over time and are prone to scratching. Make sure that you go with BPA-free plastic as other plastic containers are not good for your health. Also, you’ll need to check the microwave-safe tag before placing them in the oven.    


Design is a crucial factor to consider before buying a freezer container. Freezer boxes are available in many designs, such as rectangular, jar-style, and separate boxes within a box design. Selecting the design depends on the things you want to store. For example, if you store food leftovers frequently, then rectangular boxes are best. Jars are best for storing broth, soup, and other liquids. Finally, boxed-style containers are ideal for storing small portions.      

Capacity and Quantity

Don’t forget to check the capacity and the quantity of the boxes in the package before you order. Make sure you compare the capacity with your storage needs.


The best freezer boxes have air-tight lids. Ensure that you buy a container with an air-tight lid. You don’t want moisture to destroy your food.   

Extra Features

Additional features like baking oven safe, microwave oven safe, and dishwasher safe add value to your purchase. For example, some boxes come with vents for microwaving; these vents allow splatter-free reheating. Moreover, you will be using these boxes for many other purposes, such as packing lunch for kids and the office or taking the boxes along on picnics. Keep all these things in mind before buying the container.   

Food Freezing Tips

  • Make sure your containers are properly closed and sealed tightly.
  • Don’t forget to leave some space between the liquid and lid as liquids expand after freezing. If you jam-pack the liquids in the container, it can burst upon freezing.
  • Make sure you know what foods a particular container can handle. Moreover, don’t put warm or boiling food into the food containers. Warm foods can cause condensation inside containers.   
  • You may need to blanch some foods before freezing. Blanching is a cooking process in which some foods (fruits and vegetables) are briefly immersed in boiling water and then dipped in icy cold water to halt the cooking process. It helps reduce quality loss over time.
  • Placing smaller portions will help reduce the freezing time. It is best to lower the temperature of your freezer 6-12 hours before placing storage boxes in freezers.  
  • Store foods in separate components that thaw and freeze at different rates—for example, chicken and broccoli.  
  • Use compartmentalized containers for foods that you want to store in bulk but use in small portions.   
  • Finally, make sure that the container is freezer safe. You don’t want the container to burst open in your freezer. All the containers on our list below are freezer-safe.

Review of the 5 Best Freezer Containers

We started our hunt by listing the best freezer storage containers currently available in the market. Then, we tested these boxes, sifted through product descriptions, surveyed homeowners, and read all the user reviews: the result, a list compiled of the best freezer storage containers just for you. We also included a buying guide and an FAQ section to help you make the best purchase decision.

1. Enther Meal Prep Containers Single Lids

Enther makes products that make our life easy and organized. It is committed to providing you with innovative, high-quality, user-friendly, and cost-effective essentials for everyday use. Their freezer storage box is a prime example of the brand’s vision and product line.  

These meal containers are made from plastic and come in a lidded design (air-tight) to ensure maximum freshness and ease of use. These boxes are better than metal ones as they crack after a couple of months while these keep going for multiple uses.

The containers are BPA-free and are microwave and dishwasher safe, and don’t get old with time. Instead, they get better for repeated use. You can use them in any condition you like and anywhere you want.   

The 12 boxes pack come with a 10-time use warranty. The brand will refund your order if the boxes break before ten uses. These boxes offer end-user maximum versatility for daily or long-term use. You can use it 30 times with an average load and ten times with heavy use. In addition, it can withstand up to 12 lbs of pressure.  

Moreover, these boxes are odor and stain-resistant. Therefore, they will not hold onto the smell of frozen foods. Hence, they are best for freezing prepared meals and leftovers.

Overall, the buyers are satisfied with the boxes. Review analysis reveals that these boxes are easy to clean, are deep, and perfect for Asian and Western lifestyles. People praise these boxes because they make leftovers look appealing, are sturdy, and are the ideal size for an average American family. The typical pain points reported by the buyers include melting when left longer in a microwave oven and damage due to handling and delivery. In addition, the boxes may leak and crack easily if not handled with care.   

Each box can store up to 28 oz of food and measures 8.9 x 6.2 x2.6 inches. These boxes are not only usable in freezers; you can also use them for outdoors, kids and office. 


Enther Meal Prep Containers Single Lids


  • Easy storage: stack on each other without lids
  • No food stains from red sauces
  • Clear top for easily locating food items


  • Sides are a bit loose; air may enter
  • Difficult to wash after storing oil foods

2. Rubbermaid – FreshWorks Produce Saver Storage Container

Sometimes you need to store fresh food in your freezers, such as vegetables and fruits. You can’t put these items in orthodox lidded containers or freezer bags. You need a crisp drawer-like storage box to keep your fresh fruits frozen and ensure they don’t rot over time.

Rubbermaid’s fresh works produce storage container is an ideal storage box in such scenarios. The box comes with a crisp tray that keeps moisture away from the product to reduce spoilage. In addition, it features a fresh vent technology that regulates the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide to provide an ideal produce environment. You don’t need to worry about the vent filter as it will last for the box’s lifetime.

The box is dishwasher safe and BPA-free. You don’t need to worry about anything while using this box. The set of 3 includes one 6.3 cup and two 17.3 cup boxes. However, there are plenty of options available for you, and you can buy a box with up to 18.1 cups capacity. These boxes are ideal for storing asparagus, iceberg lettuce, and spinach. The 6.3 cup box is recommended for berries, strawberries, and peas. You can store broccoli and bell peppers in the 11.3 cup container.

To ensure that your products stay moisture-free, the containers have been designed with an elevated base. It keeps the freezer body away from the fresh foods, and they don’t suffer nasty freezer burns. Please note that the manufacturer recommends storing the foods without washing them as the water taken up by fresh foods during washing can speed up rotting.              

The container helps save time and money by avoiding frequent trips to the grocery store as it could store your food for a longer time in freezers/fridges/refrigerators. Buyers are satisfied with their purchases. The positive points highlighted in the review section are the excellent ability to retain freshness. They also mention good build quality and excellent value for money. The drawbacks include the requirement of lithium-ion batteries to function, dirty filters (needs cleaning), and shipping problems. It takes up quite a bit of space in your refrigerator as well.

Rubbermaid – FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Container


Rubbermaid – FreshWorks Storage Container


  • Roomy containers
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lid fits well


  • The lid is difficult to open


3. Mason Jars VERONES 8 OZ Canning Jars Jelly Jars

Mason jars are best for storing liquids, soups, broths, and baby foods. The best thing about mason jars is that they offer additional freshness and protection when you store food in them. Mason jars have a two-part top. It comes with a twist-remove cap with a vacuum seal. The vacuum seal keeps the contents safe for longer, even when the container is not kept in a freezer.

This set, Verones Mason Jars, is a 15 pack set with each jar having a capacity of 8 oz. The lids are made from BPA-safe, corrosion-resistant materials that meet all the safety standards. In addition, each jar comes with time tested air-tight ceiling compound to help ensure food freshness.

The jars are microwave-safe but don’t forget to take off the lid before heating them. These jars are dishwasher safe as well. The reusable jars will go a long way with you as you can wash them and store something entirely different the next day. These jars are stain and odor-resistant as well.

Overall, these jars are versatile. You can use them for jelly, jam, honey, wedding and shower favors, along with baby foods. You can even use them for milkshakes or making DIY candles.

The jars have been designed for canning. The manufacturer claims that it can refrigerate for up to 3 weeks and freeze for one year. You can also preserve food in it for up to one year. Overall, this is a must-have for any kitchen.     

The buyers are generally satisfied with their purchases. The plus points are quick and smooth delivery, super-built quality, ideal size, and excellent preservation capabilities. The negative issues highlighted by buyers are poor packaging and flimsy lid material.


Mason Jars 8 OZ Jars With Regular Lids


  • Multipurpose containers
  • Can preserve food up to 1 year


  • Glass is prone to breakage


4. Souper Cubes 1-Cup Extra-Large Silicone Freezing Tray with Lid

You may need to store food portions quite often in your freezer for later use. For example, suppose you are leaving for a work trip for two days but want your spouse to have homemade food, and you don’t have small freezer containers that can handle one serving. Souper Cubes is an ideal solution for all such times. You can also use them to store small amounts of food for everyday use like pastes, vegetables, soups, broth, and much more.

Souper Cubes trays are built with thick silicone walls and a steel-embedded rim for extended durability and strength. Don’t worry; the silicone used is 100% FDA food-grade silicone. The lid is made from BPA-free plastic and fits snugly to avoid spills, prevent freezer burns and eliminate air entry.

The boxes are oven and dishwasher-safe. Please don’t place the lid in the oven. Moreover, trays are oven safe up to 415 degrees F.   

One tray consists of 4 sections or wells. Each well has four fill lines at ½ cup, 1 cup, 125 mL, 250 mL to help you measure out the contents easily.   

Buyers cherish the storage container. Countless reviews mention how the Souper Cubes tray has enhanced leftover food utilization and increased saving. These trays are best for solo living or couples because they can store many dishes in 1-dish serving. People like this tray because it is excellent for freezing soups, sauces, milk, and other liquids. The main reservations expressed by buyers are the brittle plastic lid and shipping problems. Moreover, it is not best for small refrigerators. Overall, the product offers great value for money.

Souper Cubes 1-Cup Extra-Large Silicone Freezing Tray with Lid


Souper Cubes Silicone Freezing Tray with Lid


  • Easy to remove frozen food
  • Stable while transferring liquids to the freezer
  • Easy to clean and store


  • Flimsy lid


5. Rubbermaid Leak-Proof Brilliance Food Storage Set

Rubbermaid’s leak-proof freezer containers are a class apart. The large-capacity boxes (9.6 cups) are ideal for medium and large families. In addition, you can easily store large meat portions in it.

These boxes are 100% leak-proof with crystal clear lids that increase usability. The plastic used is 100% BPA-free. Air-tight containers help keep food fresh and moisture-free. The boxes come with vents for splatter-free microwaving. These boxes are dishwasher safe as well, so you’ll have no issue washing them.

The boxes are made with stain and odor-resistant boxes that keep plastic food containers looking new even after months of use. These boxes are also modular, stackable, and portable as it saves space.

Overall, the boxes offer great value for money, which is evident from excellent ratings and reviews. The positive points mentioned in the reviews are dishwasher and freezer safe, air-tight, and stain-proof. In addition, people praise these boxes for easy to clean and portability features. On the other hand, the typical pain points mentioned in the reviews include poor shipping and customer service. In addition, some buyers had a poor experience with the box as the boxes failed to tolerate a slight jerk and broke. 

Rubbermaid Leak-Proof Brilliance Food Storage Set


Rubbermaid Leak-Proof Brilliance Food Storage Set


  • Best for microwaving
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Easy locking and unlocking


  • Not stain and odor proof as claimed by the manufacturer
  • Short grip for locking/unlocking
  • It takes up a lot of space



What type of container is best for the freezer?

Glass and BPA-free plastic containers are best for storing food in freezers. They are easy to use, store and wash. Moreover, you can reuse them without any issues.

Which plastic containers are freezer-safe?

Plastic containers with a freezer-safe stamp are safe for the freezer. You can find this stamp underneath the box or on the packaging.

Which kind of container is best for freezing soup?

Jar-style containers or compartmentalized containers are best for freezing soups or other liquids.

Can I put warm/hot food in my freezer?

No. You must let the food cool down before placing them in freezers. Placing hot food in the freezer can temporarily raise the freezer’s temperature, causing changes in the taste and texture of your food.

How many times can I reuse a plastic container?

You can use a plastic container as long as it is not damaged or broken in a way that can harm your food.

Can I put milk in the freezer?

Yes. You can freeze certain types of milk. Make sure you check on the packaging before putting milk in the freezer.

Final Word

A freezer can easily become a black hole if you don’t keep it organized. Storage containers are the most affordable and hassle-free way to keep your freezers organized like a pro. With the proper storage containers, you’ll have to ready-to-use and easy-to-find food right after opening your freezer.