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Galanz Appliances Brand Reviewed: The Good, The Bad, And The Retro

It is incredible to think that first-need kitchen appliances such as refrigerators have been around for a long time. From the early 1920’s when the first electrically powered refrigerators started to be commercialized, to the 40’s and 50’s in which such fridges came equipped with an inbuilt freezer, we have come a long way. 

In terms of manufacture, refrigerators have suffered many important changes. Freon gas that was used as a refrigerant gas for old refrigerator models was partially banned in the 90’s and completely dismissed in the early 2010’s due to the ozone layer damage they caused. Also, inner fridge compressors have become more and more energy-efficient, as years have passed by.

And talking about design, refrigerators have considerably evolved, from the old friendly round-shaped fridges owned by our grandparents to our modern ones that have an almost robotic look. Some of them are equipped with digital features that are worthy of an SCI-FI film.

However, we wonder, what would we get, if we merge today’s technology with a retro design in a refrigerator?

In this article, we would like to highlight a very innovative brand, Galanz – an electronics, and home appliance company that has taken the fun task to bring back to life, retro designs in refrigerators that may look old on the outside, but that are brand new on the inside!

We have put together a quick buying guide for you to discover what Galanz may offer you in terms of refrigerating devices!

Briefly About Galanz Brand

Guangdong Galanz Enterprises Co. Ltd. is a veteran electronics Chinese company that is specialized in the manufacture of domestic, electrically powered devices and home appliances. They have been expanding their markets and stores since 1992, nowadays they are a high-rated multinational company that has branches in the United States, Korea, and many countries across the European continent. They also export some of their products to Canada and México.

Galanz offers a wide array of home appliances such as:

  • microwave ovens
  • countertop toaster ovens
  • wall ovens
  • refrigerators
  • chest freezers
  • mini-fridges
  • beverage and wine coolers
  • blenders
  • ice maker machines
  • dishwashers
  • air fryers
  • stoves, and many more.

Galanz is a brand that promises us that their products are environmentally safe, they hold important certifications such as UL, Energy Star, among others.

Also, this is a company that loves to play with styles and colors. The Galanz retro line of appliances has made the company stand out from the crowd. You can pair a retro fridge with a retro microwave oven to give your kitchen that nostalgia looks you are after!

Galanz Refrigerators Price and Energy Consumption

Galanz does not overprice their products, even their eye-catchy retro fridges are sold at affordable prices. Plus, most of their refrigerating devices are energy-efficient, which means that the yearly kWh use will just add a few dollars more on top of your electrical bill. 

The price of a Galanz refrigerator may vary from $600, $800 to $2000 dollars depending on the size and specs of the appliance. Some of their refrigerating devices come with a reversible hinge option and wheels to transport them easily (

As a side note, we must remember that Galanz uses R600a as a refrigerating gas, an eco-friendly natural gas but that can be dangerous under critical conditions.

However, if you do not overload your Galanz fridge, you don’t make it work in very hot environments and you defrost often, you’d find out that the appliance is cost-effective as years pass by.

In the article below, our editors have picked 3 top-rated appliances by Galanz that are definitely worthy of your attention.

Our TOP-3 Galanz Appliances

Refrigerator: Galanz Retro Top Freezer Refrigerator

Manufacturer, color, type: The first fridge in this list is the Galanz True Top Freezer with a Retro look. This is a beautifully designed freestanding refrigerator with a top freezer very much into the nostalgia retro line of Galanz, it comes with adjustable thermostat control, it is Energy Star rated for low electricity consumption, it can fit in reduced spaces, it is made of stainless steel, with inner glass shelves. Ideal for kitchens, dormitories, offices. It can be ordered in a fun variety of colors: Cream soda (Milkshake White), Hot Rod Red (Retro Red), Bebop Blue, and Vinyl Black.

Dimensions, Weight, and Capacity: This retro-fancy Galanz fridge measures 23.74 x 27.48 x 61.81 inches and weighs 125.7 pounds, and although it is a freestanding/ stand-alone refrigerator, its installation depth is counter-depth. (Make sure you don’t cover the vents if placed on a kitchen counter). Its total capacity is 10 cubic feet. Its fresh food capacity is 7.42 and its top freezer can store up to 2.42 cubic feet of frozen foods. It includes 4 glass shelves and a fruit and vegetable deep crisper underneath. It is a two-door refrigerator.

Efficiency, Energy Consumption: This Galanz fridge is Energy Star, UL certified, its yearly electricity consumption is 292 kWh (Kilowatt per hour) and the estimated annual electricity cost in dollars would barely be $35. Similar appliances, not energy efficient rated can cost up to 50 dollars per year of use. The Galanz GLR10TRDEFR uses 120 volts to operate, it can be plugged into a common 60Hz outlet.

Safety: Let’s note that Energy Star is an environmentalist conscious program run by the American government and the Department of Energy; they are in charge of analyzing the overall performance of home appliances such as refrigerators to rate them as energy-efficient. Although this fridge by Galanz has been rated as environmentally safe by Energy Star, let’s keep in mind this appliance uses R600a as a refrigerating gas, which is highly flammable under critical/abusive conditions.

Other features: This refrigerator’s noise level is barely 42 decibels which makes it a quiet appliance, also its inner glass shelves are completely removable for easy cleaning. This is an automatic defrosting fridge with an adjustable thermostat. Its temperature range in the refrigerator compartment is 32ᵒF to 47ᵒF (0ᵒC to 8ᵒC). The Freezer compartment is 0ᵒF (-17ᵒC).


Galanz Retro Top Freezer Refrigerator


  • It is Energy Star rated for low electricity consumption.
  • It has an adjustable temperature thermostat.
  • Retro looking, original, comes in different colors.
  • Removable shelves for better cleaning.


  • The door handles are made of plastic.
  • Some customers have pointed out that if the freezer is set too high, it automatically goes into defrost mode.
  • This is not a sturdy refrigerator for tough use, its overall design is delicate and needs extra care to make it last.


Mini Fridge: Galanz GLR25MGNR10 Retro Mini Fridge

Manufacturer, color, type: The second appliance in this list is the Galanz Retro Mini Fridge, a compact refrigerator of a single door that surprisingly, includes a mini freezer on top. This is another fridge from the Galanz Retro Line that will add a nostalgia look to your kitchen. And just like larger versions of this fridge model, the Galanz mini fridge comes with adjustable thermostat control, it is UL listed rated for low electricity consumption, it is adaptable to stand still in small rooms, commercial places, wet bars, garages. It can be ordered in Galanz Surf Green color.

Dimensions, Weight, and Capacity: This compact retro-looking fridge barely measures 17.6 x 21.02 x 28.15 inches and weighs 41.9 pounds, easy to carry, but handle with care! Its total capacity is 2.5 cubic feet. Its fresh food capacity is 2.07 and its mini top freezer’s capacity is 0.39 cubic feet, enough space to store your favorite ice lollies! The fridge has two small glass shelves and you can store up to three drinks in its inner door storage. 

Efficiency, Energy Consumption: This Galanz fridge is UL certified, its yearly electricity consumption is 213 kWh (Kilowatt per hour), it is a very economical mini-fridge as its estimated annual electricity cost in dollars would be just $26. Similar appliances, not energy efficient rated can cost up to $41 dollars per year of use. This is a 120 volts fridge.

Safety: Just like other Galanz fridge models this small appliance also uses R600a as a refrigerating gas. When manually defrosting it, make sure you don’t scrape the ice with a pointy-sharp object such as cutlery, scissors, screws, or nails as you can damage its plastic parts allowing refrigerating gas leaks. Disconnect your appliance and allow the ice to melt for 2, 4 hours, and gently wipe the fridge with a clean cloth afterward.

Other features: Despite its small size this mini fridge comes with an adjustable thermostat and a powerful compressor. The Refrigerator temperature can go from 32ᵒ F to 47ᵒ F, (0ᵒ C to 8.3 ᵒC) and the freezer cools from 27ᵒ F to 37ᵒ F (-2ᵒC to 2ᵒC). Note: The handles will need to be installed when unpacked.


Galanz GLR25MGNR10 Retro Mini Fridge


  • It has an integrated mini freezer.
  • It has an adjustable temperature thermostat.
  • It is cost-effective, energy-efficient.
  • It has a very appealing retro look.


  • Some customers imply that the freezer’s temperature is not that different from the refrigerators’ coldness level.


Chest Freezer: Galanz GLF70CWED01 Manual Defrost Chest Freezer

Manufacturer, color, type: The last refrigerating appliance on the list is the Galanz Manual Defrost Chest Freezer. A very convenient compact freezer that is equipped with a thermostat control and a LED indicator (3 lights) that lets you know the status of the freezer without having to open it. It is a chest/square-shaped freezer that can fit in your kitchen’s counters (or below them) without problems. Also, this is a freezer that comes in handy for commercial places or to store seafood, fish catches, small pizzas, or ice cream. It has a top lid; it comes in white color.

Dimensions, Weight, and Capacity: Although this chest freezer is not part of the Galanz retro line, it is still a stylish compact and portable freezer that measures ‎37.4 x 22.2 x 33.27 inches and weighs 70.6 pounds, its storage capacity is 7.0 cubic feet which is enough to store frozen food for two people. It includes two metallic wire baskets for you to organize your frozen goods easily.

Efficiency, Energy Consumption: The annual electricity consumption of this freezer is 249 kWh (Kilowatt per hour) and the estimated cost per year of use is $30. It uses 120 volts to operate, it can be plugged into a common 60Hz outlet.

Safety: Although this freezer can be transported easily, it is not an RV device that can function properly under motion, if moved, allow at least 24 hours for the refrigerating gas to stabilize before plugging it back. It is to note that this freezer will need manual defrosting every once in a while, the more buildup ice on your freezer, the more electricity it will consume; also, not defrosting often reduces the lifespan of the appliance. Make sure you disconnect the freezer from the wall socket and you remove all the food before defrosting.

Other features: Not only this freezer’s noise level is low (42 decibels) it is also equipped with 4 casters (wheels) for you to move it easily. Also, it has a recessed door handle, for you to open the top lid easily, avoiding sudden shutdowns, and finally, it is equipped with a water drain to make manual defrosting easier for you. Its temperature range is -11.2ᵒ F to 10.4ᵒ F (-23 ᵒC to -12ᵒC).


Galanz GLF70CWED01 Manual Defrost Chest Freezer


  • It is a compact deep freezer that is energy efficient.
  • It shows a 3 lights indicator on the outside that lets us know the temperature inside.
  • Cost-effective.
  • It’s a wheeled freezer.


  • Some customers complain about this chest freezer not being “Garage ready”, meaning that the appliance doesn’t work well under hot temperatures.
  • There have been complaints about customers receiving damaged units.


Final Word

Galanz is a company you definitely need to give a try. Not only because they have a very well-established store that can offer you a variety of household products, but also because they offer high-quality and unique design appliances for an affordable price.

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Are Galanz refrigerators any good?

Yes, they are, Galanz is a best seller of appliances on their official website and their Amazon store. Some of Galanz’s retro-looking models have been chosen by Amazon as “Amazon’s Choice” for their popularity and great reviews given by happy customers. Galanz offers practicability in their appliances, so they last for many years in your kitchen or dorm. A difference from other brands that may include many digital features in their fridges that may dramatically increase their prices, Galanz prefers to keep it simple and elegant.

Where is Galanz customer service located?

The fact that Galanz’s original headquarters are located in China doesn’t mean you will have to directly contact their Chinese representatives if you encounter problems with your purchased device.
Galanz has an important branch located in New Jersey, (Galanz Americas) you can directly contact (Toll-free number) in case you need customer service:  800-562-0738, or drop them an e-mail:

What are the pros and cons of Galanz refrigerators?

Pros: Galanz makes beautifully designed refrigerators at great prices. You can find their products on their manufacturer’s site or directly buy on their Amazon Galanz store. The refrigerators have good storage capacity, they are quiet (42 dB of rated noise), they adapt to reduced spaces, they come in different designs, models, sizes, and colors. They use 120 volts to operate, they’re eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Cons: The company offers only one year of limited warranty on the complete appliance, also, Galanz refrigerators are more decorative than sturdy. If you are looking for an RV kind of refrigerator or chest freezer that will work under inclement weather conditions in your garage or basement, for example, look elsewhere, as Galanz fridges are more for adult-office-dorm-kitchen use than for heavy-duty (large family, kids) rough use.