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Buying Guide: Mini Freezer Reviews + Our Top 5 Picks

Freezing meals for later consumption can make our daily lives much easier. Beyond just having a freestanding refrigerator at home, an extra freezing device that can help us store a larger number of vegetables, ice cream buckets or various types of meats will come in handy to save us a few bucks, as long as we’re smart enough to choose an appliance that is energy efficient and of good quality. Some mini freezers come with removable bins, baskets, or slide-out shelves for easy storage of your foods, even in reduced storage spaces such as 1, 2, 3, or 4 cubic […]

These Are the 5 Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerators You Can Buy Today

Is it time to look for the next refrigerator that will stand still in our kitchen, office, or personal working space for a long time? We are here to help! Choosing the best design refrigerator that will accommodate to our needs should not be that hard.  Among the most popular refrigerator designs, we have the top freezer, one door classical fridge, (Maytag for example, manufactures refrigerators with that design, the French door, bottom freezer style (Samsung has a wide array of French door bottom freezer fridges in their stores), and the one door, bottom freezer refrigerator (the Whirlpool Wrb322dmbm which […]

Guide to Buying a Freezer Only. How A Stand-Alone Freezer Can Save You Money

Stand-alone freezers have become quite popular over the last few years due to their durability and the benefit that the appliance alone can bring to our homes and to our budgets. Coolers, mini freezers, or stand-alone freezers can help you save a good buck in the long run, by helping you store a bigger number of groceries that can be frozen to be eaten later.  If you are a gardener that harvests their own veggies or if you like to go fishing, or you are just an ice lolly enthusiast – think about the benefit that would imply having your […]

Who Has Freezers on Sale? (And What You Should Expect This Black Friday)

The holiday countdown is officially on! By now, we all know that one of the best times to get your holiday shopping down without breaking the bank is Black Friday. Once you’ve recovered from your Thanksgiving food coma, you might want to start thinking about how you can best store all of those extra leftovers without wasting any food. Lucky for you, companies like Amazon and Home Depot often have incredible deals on large appliances – like freezers – on Black Friday, so you can freeze your Thanksgiving leftovers without a worry.  Today, we’re going to walk you through what […]

Best Freezers on the Market: Our New Freezer Review Guide

A standalone freezer provides extra storage space for your bulk groceries. The best freezers will freeze your fresh foods quickly and keep them safely frozen for as long as it takes. Learn what the best freezer reviews teach about buying freezers. Due to different circumstances, the freezer space in your refrigerator somehow gets smaller and smaller. And since freezers on regular refrigerators can only hold so much, most people gravitate towards a dedicated, standalone freezer. As you will discover, expanding your freezer storage doesn’t have to cost you the earth. You can find a good quality, reliable standalone freezer at […]

These Are The Best Chest Freezers To Store Extra Food, According to Reviews

Does your food often go bad due to inadequate cold storage? Then it’s the right time to consider investing in a freezer. Freezers come in handy when you want to stockpile your food to ensure that your family has enough to eat in the near future. Freezers come in two major types-upright and chest designs. Before you opt to buy a freezer, there are few things you need to know. Read on to find out. What is a Chest Freezer? This type of freezer is designed to resemble a chest. Unlike the upright models that resemble refrigerators, chest freezers do […]

These Are The 5 Best Dorm Refrigerators for College Kids

Suppose you are heading out to college for the first time; congrats! We wish you all the best. It is an exciting time; picking your classes, making new friends, meeting your roommate, and moving away from home. You’ll be surrounded by many people of your age, learning to deal with the unexpected. Typical college life is all about coping with project and assignment deadlines, cramming for midterms the night before, living on a tight budget, and enjoying every moment to the max. Shopping for dorm life is even more exciting. You’ll be away from the comfort of your home. Although […]

The Ultimate Guide to Freezer Temperatures

Many of us assume that the factory settings of the appliances we use every day, like our freezers, will do just fine. But did you know that there is a lot more to keeping our frozen food delicious than just popping it in the freezer? In fact, you may be keeping your freezer at the wrong temperature without even realizing it! Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about safely and efficiently storing food in your freezer. What is the Best Temperature For a Freezer? If you’re someone who relies on your freezer to store a multitude of […]

Here is the Ultimate RV Refrigerator Buying Guide: Our 6 Best Picks

Properly equipping a camping vehicle implies more than just stocking luggage and filling the gas tank to roll on the adventure. The responsible owner of an RV knows that having a great quality RV Refrigerator in their vehicle is key to preserve perishable foods whilst on the move.  In today’s markets, we have a wide array of RV coolers, mini-fridges to choose from; whilst some may be freestanding common style refrigerators (Just leaner and lighter than typical home fridges) some others keep the cooler-squarish design that allows you to put them under a truck tonneau, for example, for easy transportation. […]

We Reviewed the 5 Best Bedroom Mini Fridges. Here’s What We Found Out.

Refrigerators come in handy when you want to keep your foodstuffs fresh for a longer time or chill your drinks. These appliances come in various sizes, including mini fridges. Small refrigerators come in handy, especially if you have limited space in your room.  What is a Bedroom Refrigerator? A bedroom mini fridge is a compact refrigerator that you can keep in your sleep room. Here you can store snacks, drinks, fruits, and even make-up products. The leading brands manufacture models that have features that are ideal for bedroom use. For instance, the sleeping area should be comfortable and quiet, to […]