We Picked and Reviewed the 5 Top-Rated Bar Fridges

Not to be confused with beverage or wine fridges, a bar fridge is a general purpose appliance; Similar to a full sized fridge they store beverages as well as eatables and snacks. They’re significantly smaller than their full sized counterparts though, and as a result they’re more portable. Think of it this way – If a regular fridge is like a PCc or workstation a bar fridge would be a laptop. If you own a portable mini bar fridge, you’ll never have to worry about your weekend getaways, ever again.   Their relatively smaller size also means they consume less energy. […]

Here Are the 6 Top-Rated Retro Fridges You Can Buy Today

You have to admit we all have a deep craving for that chic retro lifestyle. Fashion, clothes, cars, and appliances all have that unique vintage air that simply never goes out of style. This timelessness is the reason why many manufacturers are mixing vintage or, for want of a better word, retro appliances with today’s technological advancements and contemporary designs. Many retro cars, clothes, and home appliances are making a massive come-back in their relevant niches. Fantastically updated with the latest technology, they slot perfectly into modern-day life. One such household appliance, the retro refrigerator, has been in the spotlight […]

We Reviewed the Best Mini Fridges with Freezers: Our Top 5 Picks

A mini-fridge with a freezer is just what you need if you live in a small apartment, have a limited budget, and don’t have that much perishable food to store.  Perhaps your bedroom is on the upper floor? That flight of stairs down to the kitchen to satisfy your late-night food cravings is too much exercise even for the fittest among us. So what do you do? There are no wrong answers. But the best solution we can think of would be to get a mini refrigerator with a freezer so your cold drinks and snacks would be within easy […]

We Picked The 5 Best Beer Fridges Available on the Market Today

Beer cooler fridges have become common in most homes. It’s not just restaurants, bars, or motels that have them now. They are most convenient in dens, game rooms, entertainment areas, lobbies, and basements.  All along folks have just had to cope with putting beer in a cooling box, but that comes with the hassle of having the ice as well. On a hot day, the ice just continues to melt and the beer is not just cold enough. With the small beer fridges, you can have ice-cold beer not just at the bar but at home as well. Therefore, if […]

Here are Our 5 Best Picks for Portable Camping Fridges

Nothing puts a damper on an adventure quite like soggy sandwiches, lukewarm beverages, and spoiled food. Whether camping has become a way of life for your family or you’re simply looking to ensure everyone has enough to eat and drink on long road trips; a portable fridge is a worthwhile investment.  To assist you in finding the best portable refrigerator for camping and road trips alike, we’ll walk you through the important factors, the best brands and models available, questions you should ask before purchasing, and offer up our picks for the top 5 portable camping refrigerators. What is a […]

We Reviewed The 5 Top-Rated Double Door Fridges

What’s the first thing you do after entering your home? You probably head towards the kitchen to open your refrigerator. Why? Because you know it holds delicious delicacies just waiting to be nibbled. The refrigerator stores cool water and drinks to quench your thirst, food to fill your belly, or snacks to go with your tea. In addition, the refrigerator holds all ingredients to subdue your hunger cravings. So how did we manage before the fridge was invented? If the kitchen is your home’s universe, the refrigerator is like the sun in the center of that universe. Everything that happens […]

We Picked The 5 Best Wine Fridges Available on the Market Today

It has been a long week and a cup of wine is the perfect treat for your weekend or perhaps you’ve planned that special dinner with anticipation and it comes in handy having a couple of cool liquor bottles to offer your guests.  However; beyond just storing wine in wooden cabinets with glass doors or cellars, it’s always a good idea to have an electrically powered mini cooler around to keep your drinks cold, just in case you need to pop a bottle for your friends. Wine refrigerators have become a common appliance in many homes, beyond just bars and […]

27.7 cu. ft. Family Hub 4-Door French Door Smart Refrigerator in Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel

We Reviewed The 5 Best Fridges With Freezers Available in the Market Today

It is amazing to realize households have had electrically powered refrigerators since 1913. The introduction of Freon gas made refrigerators’ marketing easier in the 1920s-1930s; freezers nonetheless as separate sections/compartments inside a refrigerator that were bigger than just an ice cube containers were introduced in the 1940s. Interestingly, the use of Freon common gas (R-12) in refrigerators was discontinued in 1994 due to the damage to the ozone layer is implied. Ever since we’ve been preserving our ice cream in our particular fridges with more eco-friendly modern versions of refrigerant gas, such as HFC-134a among other variants. We can say […]

We Reviewed The 5 TOP Rated Mini Fridges Available On the Market Today

You live in a dorm, or just moved out to your first apartment, or you are a digital nomad enjoying the freedom of working from anywhere in your RV and want to chill or preserve your food for longer. Unfortunately, you realize you do not have the space to accommodate a standard fridge, nor the budget for such an investment. This is where mini-fridges come in. What is a Mini Fridge? A mini-fridge is a small freestanding refrigerator that you can use to keep your food fresh and your drinks chilled. It features a couple of shelves and a door […]

We Reviewed the 5 Best Refrigerators of 2021

It’s a fact; a lot depends on your fridge working. A refrigerator keeps your food fresh, and it is the epicenter of your home. We probably spend more time staring into the depths of our fridges than we spend on our favorite hobbies! It’s the hub for all things breakfast, lunch, refreshments, evening snacks, dinner, and supper. And it must be said; a refrigerator also increases your kitchen’s aesthetic value.  Most refrigerators usually work for 7-14 years without any sign of trouble, but that’s not always the case. Fridges break, and even if they don’t, they do have a shelf-life, […]